A Princess Bride’s Palette


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Although my favorite color is red, I knew from the start that I did not want a red themed wedding. Instead, I decided on the complete opposite of my normal color combos to an all white wedding with hints of metallic sapphire blue! I just love how the white provides such a romantic, elegant and ethereal feel while the icy blue makes the room go from traditional to modern.

I took The Knot’s quiz, “Which Wedding Colors Best Suit Your Style?” and the results describe my style as the Princess Bride’s Palette. This palette describes my preferred hues as feminine and always classy. I must say, this palette description could not be more perfect!

Floral Chandeliers


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Floral bouquets, floral boutonnieres, floral centerpieces…floral chandeliers???

That’s right, flip your reception décor upside down, and instead of vases filled with flowers in the center of each table, imagine hundreds of gorgeous blooms hanging from the ceiling.  Sure to give your reception hall the “wow” factor, this variety of flowers dangling from above adds and unexpected touch of romance that is certainly more unique than traditional chandeliers.

so Guests are expecting beautiful blooms along the tables, make a statement that is sure to have them awe-struck as they walk into your reception hall with 360° of colorful flowers.  These stunning floral chandeliers also make the perfect focal point above the dance floor or cake table.

How gorgeous would these hanging flowers look in a ballroom with vaulted ceilings, high above your guests?

Wedding Contracts


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Your wedding is one large business transaction.

Plain and simple.

I know its the day you marry your best friend, your soul mate, the one you cannot imagine growing old without. But even if you get married at the court house, you are still signing a contract: 1. Marriage Contract and 2. The agreement to pay the courthouse.

So, how can you protect your assets?

First, and this seems obvious, read the gosh darned thing. Read the contract, it is there for a reason, to protect you and your wedding professionals. It should state what the vendor you are hiring IS doing for you and ISN’T doing.

They are providing your food, they are providing 121 plates, 234 forks, 234 knives, they are letting you in for set up at 5PM and breakdown must be completed by midnight. (obviously they are just examples, but you get the idea).

There will be a lot of corporate mumbo jumbo mixed into the contract, but you need to make sure that you understand the terms, when payments are due, how much is due, what happens if you are late?

This is where a Professional Wedding Planner can come into play, they read these contracts every-single-day and can let you if something is questionable, or if it’s above board.  Do not hesitate to contact It’s All About You Events so that we can attend said meetings with you, review said Contracts and ask any questions that you might not be aware of.

I mean really, how often do you plan a party for 200 of your closest friends and family?

Planning your Wedding Ceremony


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You want the catering at the reception to be just right. You want to select just the right wedding favors.  If so, contact us at www.thefloralbouquet.ca. You need to coordinate the transportation very carefully. But the wedding ceremony is the very heart of the entire wedding. Far from creating anxiety, this task can be carried out with great success once you handle the process one step at a time.

The first steps will involve considering the decorations for the actual ceremony. It can be something as simple as colorful bows tied onto the pew. Or, it can involve hiring a wedding florist decorator to completely deck out the venue with flowers, ribbons, a lovely arch or chuppah, and more. The type and style of decorations will very much depend on the venue you reserved.

You will want to give some thought to music. Some couples play background music before the ceremony and at various times during the event. Music helps set the mood from the moment the first guest enters. It can be the traditional tunes or it may be your favorite Beach Boys song to enhance your chosen theme. Whatever you choose, don’t overpower everyone with it. It should be in the background. You are in the foreground. Another note to mention is that if you are getting married in a church, make sure you ask first regarding music. Some churches have rules about music and what types of music can be played.

You’ll want to sketch out and rehearse the processional. The ring bearer and flower girl are still part of many ceremonies. The parents of the bride and groom often walk down the aisle. Naturally, the entrance of the bride needs to be coordinated. Many choose to add personal touches within each of these standard steps. For example, the priest and groom may enter from the side door, then the groomsmen and bridesmaids enter. Usually those furthest from the bride and groom go first. But there are many variations depending on religion, custom and personal choice.

You’ll want to plan out your vows. Many choose to follow the tradition of repeating the chosen words of a priest or pastor or Justice of the Peace. Others prefer a more contemporary ceremony in which the bride and groom read or speak something that carries a deep personal meaning for them. You may create your own small speech from scratch. Or, you can choose from hundreds of sources.  There are many different kinds of ceremonies that might help: examples such as exchanging roses (a rose ceremony); lighting a pair of candles (a candle ceremony); or pouring different colored sands into a single container (sand ceremony). These and many other simple actions all help convey the symbolism involved in the wedding ceremony.

Then there are the actions that are still part of nearly every ceremony: an exchange of rings. This is easily ironed out in rehearsal, but take care to ensure that all are informed of and practice their roles. The best man fumbling for the ring for two minutes is only amusing in the movies. Don’t forget that all important moment; The first kiss! Practice removing any veil, how long the kiss will last and other actions. Some things about the wedding should be spontaneous. This part should be choreographed so that the guests remember what you want them to remember.

Should you have questions or need help with any of the above, feel free to contact us www.itsallaboutyouevents.ca

Dying Floral…


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Clients ask me over and over again about getting multi colored floral.  One client told me “When I passed by these Gerbera daisies at a farmer’s market, I commented to my mother how I had seen nothing like them before. Turns out, there’s a good reason for that: They’re dyed.”  Dying floral is quite common as many of our floral types do not come in exotic colors.

These daisies are actually white with pink centers, but if you put them in water with a few squirts of food color, you’ll get something different all together.

When my parents were little, my grandmother used to divide daisies into different vases and add different food dye to each vase.  The result was an impressively colorful array of daisies.

Of course, I immediately thought how perfect this would be for a wedding. Think of the arrangements you could create with such crazily vibrant flowers! That said, I don’t recommend working with dyed flowers while you’re in a nice dress. Even if you put the flowers in fresh water, you’ll see a hint of color in that water, and you don’t want to get it on anything you’re fond of.

Gerbera daisies take really well to food dye, but they can be temperamental. Carnations and Queen’s Anne Lace also work, as do other (but not all) white flowers can be dyed. You can use flowers that aren’t white as well, but keep in mind that that color will mix with whatever dye you add.

If you have any experience dyeing flowers, we’d love to hear about it!


Inspired by Purple and Blue Wedding Ideas


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Purple and blue weddings are always an elegant and unique choice.  But, before choosing the colors of your special event, let’s talk about color meanings.  Purple has been used to symbolize magic and mystery, as well as royalty.  Being the combination of red and blue, the warmest and coolest colors, purple is believed to be the ideal color.  Purple is the color most favored by artists.  Blue is the coolest color – the color of the sky, ocean, twilight.  The ancient Egyptians used lapis lazuli to represent heaven.  Blue symbolizes the Virgin Mary.  A pure blue is the color of inspiration, sincerity and spirituality. Blue is often the chosen color by conservative people. Blue is the calming color.

A color scheme which is huge for the 2013 wedding season is peacock.  Peacock colors, peacock themes, peacock feathers, peacock centrepieces.  The color scheme “peacock” is an iridescent blue-green or green colored.

Purple and blue wedding tips: by color coordinating your wedding elements, your wedding will be more cohesive and pleasing to your guests.

Top 7 Wedding Tasks for Moms


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It’s Mom to the rescue with today’s wedding plans! She and Dad might not be paying for the entire wedding, so today’s mother of the bride or groom is finding new ways to get involved and save you money, time, and sanity.

Here’s what the savvy MOB and MOG are taking on:

1. Working Their Networks. Mom is really well-connected! Through her friend circles, work community, volunteering cliques, and social networking friends, she may know someone (who works in a floral shop, bakery, photography studio, or jewelry store) who loves her enough to grant her a “friends and family wedding discount” for you. Or perhaps she has in-the-know contacts who can point you to the best pros in town.

2. Providing Guest List Support. Moms protect you from guest list faux pas, such as inviting Mr. and Mrs. Jones when they actually got divorced three years ago or spelling your cousin’s children’s names incorrectly on the invitation. Enlist her help rounding up current addresses and the names of your relatives’ plus ones.

3. Offering Her Tastes. Today’s mom is often invited to attend the VIP foodie-fest that helps you select your menu options, including your cake. It’s a sweet way to make her feel involved!

4. Helping With the Bridal Shower. Some still feel that moms shouldn’t be the main host (according to traditional etiquette), but they’re now joining in with the bridesmaids and maid of honor to help put together an amazing shower for you. They can contribute funds or come up with fun details to rescue your cash-strapped and time-crunched bridesmaids, who are all too happy to get her assistance (provided she’s a team-player and not a steamroller mom who doesn’t let them get a word in!).

5. Styling Themselves. Moms are fashion-forward and style-savvy, so they’re consulting with stylists and choosing amazing gowns and dresses. The days of “wear beige” are over – unless it’s a really incredible designer beige dress! – and brides are making it a Girls’ Day Out to help mom pick her wedding day outfit.

6. Planning Their Own Parties. It might be the rehearsal dinner or the morning-after breakfast where they use all of their own great ideas, themes, menu plans, décor dazzle, and more. A new trend now is for the moms to plan their own after-parties for their friends and close relatives: You go off to party with your crowd, and Mom can party with hers.

7. De-Stressing the Bride. It used to be that moms caused a lot of wedding stress, but their role has become a lot more fun and relaxed than it used to be. They’re taking the tense bride out for mani/pedis, planning movie nights, working out with the bride, and listening to her vent without being judgemental. Moms are there for the bride like never before.