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While searching online today and I noticed a slide show in the “living” section entitled “11 Things you should never do before your wedding” and of course I had to look at it. It was actually pretty helpful because it goes through the more popular things us brides tend to try out before our big day in order to look our best. It gives you the reasons why you shouldn’t do it and if you do in what time frame it should be done in. Some of them are no brainers and should be common sense, but as “THE DAY” draws near I think I can safely say that some of us lose all rational thinking due to our “wedding brain” that has developed.

Here are just a few that I thought as brides should really adhere to and keep in mind…

DRASTIC HAIR CUTS : ”Wedding trials and consultations start about three months prior to the actual day, and you should keep the same hairstyle throughout the process,” says Labrecque. “Not only will the texture and style of your hair change if you get it chopped, but keep in mind something drastic may not look right with your dress’s neckline, veil, or wedding day jewelry.”

ALCOHOL:  ”As for immediate effects, alcohol can make you look and feel puffy due its sulfur-bearing gases and other qualities that weaken your digestive system. (And who wants to say “I do” feeling like a marshmallow? We thought not.) What’s more, alcohol dilates your blood vessels, which can lead to wedding picture-compromising redness”, says Debra Jaliman, MD, author of Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist

SPRAY TANS: “Spray tanning in a booth may be a budget-friendly option for a safe, sunless glow, but there’s a good chance the color you get won’t match your skin tone as well as other fake tanning alternatives.”

ALL NIGHTERS: “Up all night hand-embossing your ceremony programs? Find a dutiful friend to fill in and get some sleep! When we’re sleep-deprived our bodies produce more ghrelin, the hormone that tells us when to eat, and less leptin, the hormone that tells us when to put down the fork. It’s a diet-destroying combo, especially if you’re reaching for junk food. Salty snacks make you bloat, not to mention the fact that eating foods with no nutritional value can leave you feeling sluggish.”

To view the entire slide show go to 11 things you should never do before your wedding…hope it sheds some light and helps you with your big day!