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Our Brides are constantly online looking at all things “WEDDING”. There are so many different styles to choose from and of course I want something different…bride and groom? MAYBE..but not your mama’s bride and groom. I also definitely do not want our monogram on the top. It has been done and I think it’s on the verge of being over done. So, here are some cake toppers that I found that struck my interest and that I thought were “different”…

Often times people find it very hard to believe that I don’t really like cake. Sure there are certain flavors that I like every once and a while, but I have never been the type to crave cake or have the ability to sit down and eat slice after slice. Now pie on the other hand, that is something completely different…but I digress.

I am always elated at weddings when there is an alternative dessert, because I HATE to waste food and wedding cake is always served in larger portions that I would care to eat. Candy stations are great, ice cream is fabulous, signature desserts are fun, and now cake pops are showing up everywhere! Cake pops offer just the right amount of cake…for me anyway. I like to taste cake flavors, but I’m usually over it after a bite or two…and that’s all a cake pop is…a bite or two!

There won’t be cake pops at the wedding…but they will pop up elsewhere over the weekend! I thought it was a great way to introduce something sweet at an unsuspecting moment. What do you think? Are you a cake lover and require more or do you feel the same as me and a bite or two is fine?