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A bridal veil represents tradition, with its origins dating back to Ancient Rome. Throughout the centuries, it has represented a symbolic view of the virgin bride and was used to celebrate her purity, chastity and modesty; it also kept the bride concealed until her arranged marriage was complete.

Plenty of mystical superstition surrounding the veil has existed as well; in medieval times it was believed that a veil protected the unmarried woman from evil spirits and the dreaded “evil eye.”

How many varieties does a veil come in and how’s a girl to know what’s right for her? Well, read on:

Birdcage: A short, cute chin-length veil.

Blusher: A sheer, short veil worn over the face, which is lifted up during the ceremony.

Cathedral: A very long, formal veil that extends two feet or more on the floor.

Chapel: A long veil that extends beyond the gown, one to two feet.

Fingertip: A veil that reaches to the bride’s fingertips.

Flyaway: A layered, poufy shoulder-length veil.

Mantilla: A dramatic round veil that is usually made of lace and worn without a headpiece.

Waltz or Ballerina: A veil that extends to just below the knee.

10 Steps To Start Planning Your Wedding


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Remember, sometimes things are done differently depending on your own situation, so it’s totally fine if you don’t follow these steps exactly! In my experience as a wedding planner, this order has shown to be the best way to go. 🙂 And most of all, don’t forget WHY you’re planning a wedding! HAPPY PLANNING!!!

Mismatched Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands, is Okay….


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It’s time to stop obeying the age-old notion that gold and silver jewelry don’t go together and start mixing metals! A new bridal trend on the horizon is mismatched engagement rings and wedding bands.  Who’s to say you can’t pair a radiant Rose Gold engagement ring with a stunning Platinum wedding band?  No bride should have to choose just one metal.

There are so many options available to us today in way of design, style, bands and diamond size.  Should you need assistance picking out the right ring, diamond or style, contact It’s All About You Events.

Why Hire a Wedding Planner


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It’s that time of year for most newly weds…. Shopping, shopping and shopping to book your vendors for your wedding day. This blog is dedicated to those who have these comments crossing their minds. “So, what’s the deal with wedding planners? What exactly is their purpose? Why would I have to hire one? I’m an organized person. I’m sure it’s just an extra expense that I do not need right now”. If this sounds like you, this read is for you. I feel like planners can sometimes have a bad reputation and people tend to think that it’s not a real profession. Hate to break it to you but it is! It is actually one expense that you will definitely NOT regret on your wedding day. Here are some tips to why you should hire a planner and what to look for in one.

Time is of the Essence…

The first and foremost reason most couples come to planners is because of lack of time to plan. Many brides and mother of the brides work full-time jobs and do not have the time to plan a memorable wedding. So we are here to make your time worthwhile. It has been said that the average couple spends 250 hours planning there wedding. That’s a whole lot of time to plan your wedding. Out of those 250 hours you are probably spending 1/2 of it on #2…

Vendor Relations…

While you need to spend countless hours finding the perfect photographer, florist, baker, videographer, disc jockey etc.. to match your personality, taste and budget, we already have these relationships with the vendors and know which would work best with you. Limiting your selection therefore you won’t feel so overwhelmed. Rest assured that if a vendor is referred by a planner chances are they are a well reputable vendor. We work with only the best vendors in the industry, do I need to say more? Their work speaks for themselves but our relationship helps you get better service and better price. Especially when you are on a…. #3…

We work with you to plan the perfect wedding of your dreams with your respected budget in mind. Don’t think because you have a small budget you cannot afford a wedding planner. It is possible! We help narrow down what matters must to you and finding the best for your buck! And you know the best part…. ??? We actually help you save! Wedding planners provide so much service to vendors that they often offer negotiable discounts for their clients. Which means you SAVE. But what is a well organized, perfectly budget wedding without some #4….


We constantly need to keep ourselves involved with the latest trends, and progressively studying the trends of tomorrow. We know what looks will work and what won’t and together we can build your color palette and design the perfect wedding scheme personalized just for you. While no two weddings are the same we work with you to really capture that you factor for your big day. Which brings me to #5…

The great thing with hiring a wedding planner is that you can be as involved or uninvolved as you wish. Planning together or leaving it in our hands, you decide your involvement. We work together to get the “blue print” down on paper and then you decide your involvement and your custom package #6…

A la Carte…

Most planners have three set packages: full service package, a slightly altered package and month of coordination. but since no two weddings are the same, we also tailor to your needs/wants while allowing you the option to customize your package . While one couple may want the full package, from A to Z, another may want a planner just for the day of, in case something goes sour. TRUST ME: You do not want to be the one dealing with the mix ups on your wedding day nor do you want your Uncle or friends to handle them either. Your wedding should be smooth sailing from start to finish, or at least to you and your guests it should be. Which brings me to my next point.

Emergency Kit…

Professional planners carry with them at all times an emergency kit.  To name a few items, we will carry a sewing kit, a miniature lint roller, a hairbrush, blotting papers, mini deodorant, travel-size tissues, Wet Ones, Listerine, etc. 

This is to ensure that if something comes up, we can most probably fix it. We also handle special requests, such as refreshers for the newly weds. Ahh!! Which brings me to my favorite reason why you should hire a planner.

Enjoy the process…

When you are stuck planning the wedding, you don’t get to enjoy the process. Let’s face it planning a wedding can be stressful and a big headache especially when you want it to go exactly your way, but most brides that plan their own wedding end up looking forward for the wedding just so it can be done with. This does happen. Having a professional take over means you get to actually breathe and enjoy whats happening during each step. You get to look forward to your wedding day instead of looking forward to the end!

Be selective when choosing your planner. Make sure she is a legitimate professional, perhaps a certificate might help. Have a look at their portfolio or get some referrals from them. Get to know your planner and see if it clicks. You need to get to know your planner, you will be spending a lot of time together.

Hiring a planner is for your benefit. If you’re still unsure, reach out to me and let’s chat. I can help you see the bigger picture and hey! We might click.

Also be sure to check out our facebook page,, we have several photo albums to look through.  We also have several photo galleries on our website 

We hope that we’ve made some of you see that hiring a planner for your wedding day is as important as purchasing your perfect gown.  This is one thing that you should not overlook, why be stressed on your big day?  

if after reading all the above, you still are uncertain as to whether or not you should hire a planner, take our short quiz, this will help determine your needs 

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The Cocktail Wedding Dress


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Cocktail wedding dresses have become wildly popular over the last year.  This is a trend that we believe will just keep growing as it provides brides with another great alternative for outdoor weddings.  When planning any wedding, our brides are always looking for the “in” when it comes to cocktail dresses, they want to know the cut, the style and what is popular.  Being in the planning industry, we need to keep up on the most popular styles.  

Here are two cocktail style wedding dresses, what do you think?  Would this be a dress you would get married in, or would you go for traditional?


For more inspiration and wedding planning ideas, themes, feel free to contact us at

Dining Table Design


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The most important rule to remember when dressing the table is that there are no rules! The only guide to follow is to create a table that oozes personality and looks inviting. Here are some easy ideas to dress your table:

1. Allow for a comfortable amount of space between plate settings. 18 – 24” is about the right distance. 18” will keep it tight and intimate while 24” is a bit more spacious. The tighter the better, it keeps the energy up.

2. Don’t worry which side of the plate you’re supposed to place the forks and knives. It’s irrelevant. Try a few different ways: you can make it interesting by rolling the flatware in a napkin and placing the napkin diagonally across the plate, or by placing it to the left or right of the plate. The options are infinite, so have fun with it.

3. If you want to set a traditional table, the forks are placed to the left of the plate with the tines facing up. The knife, with the blade facing in towards the plate, is placed on the right side of the plate. The soupspoon should be placed on the outside of the knife. The amount of forks, knives, and spoons needed will depend on the number of courses you serve. Your guests will use the flatware working from the outside in, so as you place the silverware, think about the food being served and the utensils needed. Dessertspoons and forks can be set above the plate with the spoon pointing left and the fork pointing right. For a European style place setting, place the tines of the fork facing down.

4. Look at napkins like an accessory, a scarf in a way, for your table. They can be folded simply in a rectangle, or rolled and tied with a piece of raffia or twine. They can be folded neatly in a rectangle and placed under the plate with just a small amount showing, or on top of the plate. There are hundreds of ways to fold a napkin and just as many when deciding where it should be placed.

5. Napkin rings in beautiful colors and with fantastic embellishments add another touch to the look of your table. You can never have too many napkin rings. I think of them as jewelry for the table.

6. Glasses can be arranged in a variety of ways. One, which is somewhat more traditional, is to have the water goblet closest to the plate, with the wine glasses above the water glass, in a triangle and to the right of the plate above the knife. Another setting is to have all the glasses lined up starting with water, then white and red wine, bottom to top or right to left. Feel free to mix and match different patterns and colors. A tumbler for the water, a colorful wine glass for the red wine, and a clear glass for the white adds dimension to the table.

7. Centerpieces are definitely the finishing touch to your table. It’s not necessary to use expensive fresh cut stems. I often rely on votive candles spread abundantly about the table. The more candles used the younger and more glamorous everyone will look. If you do chose to use flowers, make sure that they are either low enough or high enough so that your guests will have an unobstructed view of each other. Another idea is to use an interesting combination of fruits and leaves. For a tropical look, line a bowl with leaves and fill it with coconuts and limes. For a summer look try a bowl filled with lemons and limes, a few pears and some apples.

Again, there are no rules. Do what makes you feel comfortable. Be creative, keep it fun and let your very own statement of style shine through.

Advice for any Bride


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While searching online today and I noticed a slide show in the “living” section entitled “11 Things you should never do before your wedding” and of course I had to look at it. It was actually pretty helpful because it goes through the more popular things us brides tend to try out before our big day in order to look our best. It gives you the reasons why you shouldn’t do it and if you do in what time frame it should be done in. Some of them are no brainers and should be common sense, but as “THE DAY” draws near I think I can safely say that some of us lose all rational thinking due to our “wedding brain” that has developed.

Here are just a few that I thought as brides should really adhere to and keep in mind…

DRASTIC HAIR CUTS : ”Wedding trials and consultations start about three months prior to the actual day, and you should keep the same hairstyle throughout the process,” says Labrecque. “Not only will the texture and style of your hair change if you get it chopped, but keep in mind something drastic may not look right with your dress’s neckline, veil, or wedding day jewelry.”

ALCOHOL:  ”As for immediate effects, alcohol can make you look and feel puffy due its sulfur-bearing gases and other qualities that weaken your digestive system. (And who wants to say “I do” feeling like a marshmallow? We thought not.) What’s more, alcohol dilates your blood vessels, which can lead to wedding picture-compromising redness”, says Debra Jaliman, MD, author of Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist

SPRAY TANS: “Spray tanning in a booth may be a budget-friendly option for a safe, sunless glow, but there’s a good chance the color you get won’t match your skin tone as well as other fake tanning alternatives.”

ALL NIGHTERS: “Up all night hand-embossing your ceremony programs? Find a dutiful friend to fill in and get some sleep! When we’re sleep-deprived our bodies produce more ghrelin, the hormone that tells us when to eat, and less leptin, the hormone that tells us when to put down the fork. It’s a diet-destroying combo, especially if you’re reaching for junk food. Salty snacks make you bloat, not to mention the fact that eating foods with no nutritional value can leave you feeling sluggish.”

To view the entire slide show go to 11 things you should never do before your wedding…hope it sheds some light and helps you with your big day!

Cake, Cake and more Cake – Pops


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Our Brides are constantly online looking at all things “WEDDING”. There are so many different styles to choose from and of course I want something different…bride and groom? MAYBE..but not your mama’s bride and groom. I also definitely do not want our monogram on the top. It has been done and I think it’s on the verge of being over done. So, here are some cake toppers that I found that struck my interest and that I thought were “different”…

Often times people find it very hard to believe that I don’t really like cake. Sure there are certain flavors that I like every once and a while, but I have never been the type to crave cake or have the ability to sit down and eat slice after slice. Now pie on the other hand, that is something completely different…but I digress.

I am always elated at weddings when there is an alternative dessert, because I HATE to waste food and wedding cake is always served in larger portions that I would care to eat. Candy stations are great, ice cream is fabulous, signature desserts are fun, and now cake pops are showing up everywhere! Cake pops offer just the right amount of cake…for me anyway. I like to taste cake flavors, but I’m usually over it after a bite or two…and that’s all a cake pop is…a bite or two!

There won’t be cake pops at the wedding…but they will pop up elsewhere over the weekend! I thought it was a great way to introduce something sweet at an unsuspecting moment. What do you think? Are you a cake lover and require more or do you feel the same as me and a bite or two is fine?

Keep your Eyes on the Prize!


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Your eyes say it all, so what do you want your eyes to say on your wedding day? Will you go for the smokey eye, the natural look, or go for a bold color? Here are some eye inspirations that might help you decide what your eyes will convey as you walk down the aisle!